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Conquest of Light

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Conquest of Light celebrates the process, expertise, and craftsmen at the Waterford Glass factory in Ireland. Through stunning and vibrant cinematography, Louis Marcus examines the mesmerising construction of clear crystal glass pieces created by the craftsmen of Waterford. The process from the intense heat of the furnace to glass blowing, shaping, cutting, honing, filling and […]

Páistí ag Obair

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Louis Marcus’s observational documentary Páistí ag Obair (Children at Work) watches children learning through play in Irish Montessori schools in the 1970s. A voiceover, in both Irish and English, explains the Montessori method which celebrates the importance of play in developing children’s potential. Children are seen in classrooms playing with Montessori materials which promote reasoning […]

Cradle of Genius

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British documentarian Paul Rotha celebrates the playwrights and players of the Abbey Theatre, the national theatre founded by W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory in 1904. The film, made some years before the theatre moved into its present-day Abbey Street premises, tells the history through colourful reminiscences from an extraordinary line-up of Abbey stalwarts – Siobhan […]

Return to Glennascaul

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When Orson Welles offers a stranger with car trouble a lift, his passenger recalls a haunting event which spooks and intrigues the driver. The film opens as Orson Welles interrupts his filming of Othello (in which he performed alongside his old friends Micheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards) to present a ‘short story from the […]


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Fathom is a short documentary about the Fastnet Lighthouse, located on the most southerly point of Ireland off the coast of Cork. Weaving together a series of archival films, this documentary captures the majesty of the Fastnet Lighthouse, the intricacy of its construction and operation and the mighty power of the surrounding sea. Marrying vivid imagery with a spare and dialogue-free soundscape, this essayistic film considers solitude, meditation and the process of thinking, in […]

Circus Man

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Circus Man paints an inspiring portrait of Ireland’s longest-running family circus and the efforts of ringleader Tom Duffy to ensure its survival.  Directors Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh lift the curtains to show that behind the bright lights and laughs of the circus lies drama, family feuds and hardship. Despite being knocked down by life’s challenges, Tom Duffy has bounced back to survive discrimination, bare fist fights and colon cancer and is determined  to see his […]

If These Walls Could Talk

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IFTA-winning director Anna Rodgers highlights the plight of those who  suffered and died in Dublin’s old psychiatric institutions.   Opening with a quotation from Sebastian Barry’s novel The Secret Scripture, in which the main character is a resident in a Roscommon mental institution, the film takes us on a haunting tour of a vast and desolate  building, once an Irish asylum. The voices of former residents describe […]

Into the Abyss

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A fictional story of a young woman who unexpectedly returns home to Dublin for Christmas. She has been in London for ten months but reveals little about her new life. Sandra feels alienated from her family and they are clearly resentful about her sudden and unannounced return. The atmosphere is laden with tension, in stark […]


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Joyriders captures the powerful impact of grief on a young girl’s imagination.   In Dublin’s industrial wastelands, pre-teen Kylie drives around in a stolen car with a young companion who she has conjured from her troubled imagination.  At home her younger brother loses himself in video games. Her grieving mother is distant and unaware of Kylie’s illegal escapades until a young Guard finds […]

Killing the Afternoon

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Margaret Corkery’s debut film presents a series of vignettes of sunseekers whiling away the afternoon on a rocky Cork beach.  Four young women arrive for an afternoon’s sunbathing on the beach, their movements perfectly synchronise as they rotate on their towels; a little girl potters about with a bucket under the casual supervision of her mother and a group of hardy […]

Marion agus an Banphrionsa

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A heart-warming tale of a young girl’s encounter with Princess Grace of Monaco on her visit to Ireland in 1961. Marion agus an Banphrionsa shows that for a lucky few, dreams can come true. Courageous Marion steps in front of Princess Grace’s car as it drives through her village. She presents her with a bunch of roses, and the […]

Missing Green

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A solitary woman walks through the eerie night-time landscape of Dublin’s Cork Street, a street once quiet and residential, now a four-laned artery for city traffic.   Cork Street, as described by the narrators Councillor John Gallagher, architect Gerry Cahill, journalist Frank McDonald and sociologist Aileen O’Gorman, used to be a much better place to live than it is today.  Gone are the […]