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Missing Green 4
14 mins

Missing Green

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A solitary woman walks through the eerie night-time landscape of Dublin’s Cork Street, a street once quiet and residential, now a four-laned artery for city traffic.   Cork Street, as described by the narrators Councillor John Gallagher, architect Gerry Cahill, journalist Frank McDonald and sociologist Aileen O’Gorman, used to be a much better place to live than it is today.  Gone are the […]


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Pluck is director Neasa Hardiman and writer Emma Donoghue’s humorous take on how one little hair can create big problems in a marriage.  When Liz’s husband Joe spots a hair growing out of her chin, he is repulsed. He becomes increasingly tormented by hair while reading to his daughter, cleaning the bathroom and watching the adverts on TV. When his […]


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‘God is everywhere, Rúbaí. Everyone knows that.’ – Despite her teacher’s declaration, eight-year-old Rúbaí challenges the existence of God in the days before her Holy Communion.   When Rúbaí continues to challenge her teacher and announces to the visiting priest  that she is an atheist, she provokes their frustration and leaves them speechless when she cites Charles Darwin as ‘a fella who makes sense’.  Enigmatic scenes of […]
The Case of Majella McGinty 1
22 mins

The Case of Majella McGinty

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A children’s game of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ transforms into a reality through the vivid imagination of little Majella McGinty. Life becomes too stressful for 8-year-old Majella and taking refuge she hides in a suitcase in her parents’ bedroom. She overhears their conversation, and her TV-addled imagination runs away with her when she believes her father has been murdered […]

Take Me Swimming

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‘The day I don’t know who you are, promise to take me swimming’ – a melancholic promise between a husband and wife as her Alzheimer’s disease progresses.  When Thady (Barry Ward) returns to his parents’ home for a neighbour’s wake, he is shocked by his mother’s decline (Olwen Fouéré, also seen in The Wake). Gone […]


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‘Who needs a pregnant waitress?’ is just one of the questions that fills Ellie Connolly’s mind when she discovers she is pregnant in 1980s Ireland. Statistic was made by film student Alison Kelly in 1983, the year which saw the passing of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution Act (which effectively criminalised abortion in  most circumstances).  Ellie (Edel McCrann) is pregnant […]
The End of the Counter 4
13 mins

The End of the Counter

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A humorous investigation into the supermarket revolution of the 1960s that saw counter service replaced by self-service market chains in Ireland.   Supermarkets are a topic close to director Laura McGann’s heart – her grandfather, Mattie Melia, introduced and established one of the first supermarkets in rural Ireland. When franchises began to swallow up small corner shops in England, Irish shopkeepers saw that they […]
The Polish Language
8 mins

The Polish Language

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The Polish Language is a film-poem which brings an original poem by Alice Lyons to life through the medium of film. The imagery in this poem is activated in imaginative ways through various styles of animation, employing hand-drawn, stop-motion, and time lapse techniques. The typography – the style, arrangement and appearance of the letters and […]

The White Dress

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An enigmatic tale of a young girl determined to participate in the ritual of First Holy Communion, even if she has to go it alone. A young girl wakes up in a grim flat, washes herself and dons a white dress, shoes and handbag.  She completes her outfit with white ribbons stolen from a shop as she makes […]

The Wake

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A woman’s reflection on her life is expressed through poetic voiceover and dance. In a light-filled period mansion, a woman (Olwen Fouéré) reflects on her life, her sexuality and moments of great joy and sadness – her memories are articulated by a troupe of women of various ages through the eloquent language of dance. When […]
Two Little Pigeons 5
5 mins

Two Little Pigeons

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Paying homage to her experimental contemporary Jack Smith, Vivienne Dick juxtaposes two quite different London landscapes.   The film’s opening sequence is documentary in style, capturing people basking in the sunshine of a London Park to the sound of Lol Coxhill singing Two Little Pigeons. Men are sunbathing, women are dancing, and older couples are feeding the ducks. The second half of the film introduces two eccentric characters pottering […]


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Empty houses are explored by a roving camera, the stories of their current and former inhabitants are told in intimate voiceover. Aoife Kelleher’s poetic short documentary explores how lives are shaped by the homes in which we lived. Early living spaces can define how we are perceived by others and how we feel about ourselves. A […]