Ireland 1924-1930

Dublin Calling

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Dublin 1925 and in this newsreel the press launch is taking place for the first broadcast Radio station in the Irish Free State, 2RN. The long wooden building (Nissen Hut) was home to the transmitter based in McKee Barracks beside the Phoenix Park at Blackhorse Avenue and their studio was located on Little Denmark Street […]

Longford Memorial

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August 27th 1925: A memorial to the fallen soldiers who fought in World War I is revealed in the main square of Longford town by Major General Sir William Hickie, who commanded the 16th Irish Division. Southern ex-servicemen pay tribute and remember the dead, while wreaths and flowers are laid at the foot of the […]

Connemara’s Appeal

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This newsreel shows the hardship endured by the people of Connemara following the economic recession that came in the wake of political turmoil. Ireland was in a ruinous state, following the War of Independence, the Civil War and economic depression. Between 1923 and 1924, wages were cut by 16%, the old age pension was reduced […]

Solving Boundary Question

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This newsreel dates from December 11th 1924. It shows members of the Boundary Commission beginning, what is described as, a ‘purely informal’ tour of the boundary wall. Although the names of the commissioners are not given, they are most likely Dr. Eoin Mac Neil, J.R Fisher and Mr. Justice Feetham. The border wall was a […]

Armistice Day Dublin

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In this newsreel from November 11th 1924, 50,000 people gather at College Green in Dublin to honour the 35,000 Irish soldiers who died fighting in World War One. As wreaths are laid out in front of a memorial, men bow their heads to the 16th Irish Division. We are told that a spontaneous rendition of […]

Remembrance Day Bray

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November 1924, a day of remembrance in Bray. This newsreel shows a crowd of people lining up to show gratitude to the 200 people from Bray who died in World War 1. A moment’s silence is observed before veterans, women and children decorate the base of the memorial with wreaths. This was one of the […]

The Seat of All The Trouble

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This newsreel shows the first images of the ‘much debated’ Ulster border wall. A member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary stands guard, looking over the dry stone wall in Belleek, County Fermanagh. Another stands guard at the top of a turret under an Irish National Flag. The border wall was a delicate issue and the […]

300,000 at Demonstration

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300,000 people attend a demonstration at a Ulster Loyalist meeting in Omagh. A man is seen giving a speech on a podium to a large crowd, some carrying Union flags and others with signs with place names, such as Ballycawley and Clocher. The term ‘loyalist’ was first used in Irish politics in the 1790s to […]

Curragh Stable Lads Strike

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The early 1920s were a turbulent time for Ireland. Following the War of Independence and The Civil War, Ireland experienced a severe economic depression. Farmers in the west of Ireland were the most severely hit with poor harvest prospects and little to no employment prospects. One industry that was still thriving during these difficult economic […]