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Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

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This short animated film offers a bedtime story told with a very modern twist on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. Granny O’Grimm begins to tell the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to her sleepy granddaughter but there is a twist. The classic fairy–tale is told with a 21st century sensibility as Granny reimagines the story […]

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

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Give Up Yer Aul Sins humorously animates original audio recordings of Dublin schoolchildren made by their teacher Peg Cunningham in the 1960s. In the short film, a documentary crew arrives to record the activities of the classroom. The teacher chooses little Mary to retell, in her own imaginative way, the bible story of John the […]

Old Fangs

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A young wolf decides to confront his father. He has not seen him since he was a child. This film is part of Children on Film. To see more from this collection, click here. With kind permission of Cartoon Saloon. IFI recommendation: 10+

Cúilín Dualach

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A beautiful baby boy is born to an overjoyed mother. There is just one problem – his head is on backwards. Cúilín Dualach is the comedic yet inspirational tale about a young boy who lives a happy life but is not always accepted by those around him. He is the apple of his mother’s eye, but […]

A Terrible Hullabaloo

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The story of young Vinny Byrne, a fourteen-year-old boy who found himself fighting for Ireland in the Easter Rising. An eighty-year-old Vinny reminisces on his time with the volunteers, which took him around the city during the fighting. With Vinny’s Dublin brought to life by handmade miniature sets and puppetry, the film offers a uniquely […]