The Irish Revolution

The Irish Independence Film Collection
Directed by:
British Pathé
Produced by:
British Pathé


9 min
Silent with English Intertitles

This remarkable footage highlights the events that happened in the Battle of Dublin, including the devastating use of artillery by the rebels against the Four Courts and the shootings and battles around O’Connell Street.

The Battle of Dublin was a week of street battles in Dublin from June 28th to July 5th 1922 that marked the beginning of the Irish Civil War. Six months after the Anglo-Irish Treaty ended the recent Irish War of Independence, it was fought between the forces of the new Provisional Government and a section of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) that opposed the Treaty.

This lengthy newsreel is split into 33 Intertitles. Please find a breakdown of each in the Read More section below.

First Intertitle: Barricaded windows in hotels which were used as strongholds by the Republicans Second Intertitle: “Free State troops patrol almost every street in Dublin, and all passersby are subjected to a thorough search”. Search takes place at Portobello, at the canal bridge. Third intertitle: “Dublin, Ireland. Sinn Fein demonstrations sweep Ireland -- British use tanks to quell riot and seize arms at Sinn Fein arsenal”. This is Dublin in 1921. Shots of British Army Whippet Mark A tank number 374 Fourth Intertitle: “Sympathizers cheer as prisoners are taken away in lorries”. Fifth Intertitle “New York City”. Wrong intertitle. Sixth Intertitle. “Limerick, Ireland. Free State captures Limerick from the Republicans after fierce combat - troops of the National Army advance on the occupied city to drive out the rebels. “. Seventh Intertitle “Free State soldiers take possession of the rebel strongholds”. Shots of the Royal Hotel in Limerick Eight Intertitle “The National Army is in absolute control”. Shots from King John’s Castle from the walls Ninth Intertitle “The price of Civil Strife”. Shot of military barracks destroyed in Limerick we think the Strand and the garrison chapel Tenth Intertitle “Limerick Ireland, Troops revolting against Free State occupy Limerick City...first pictures of occupation of hotels and public buildings by armed followers of De Valera”. From 2;15 to 2;33 is footage of Limerick City with anti treaty soldiers and the inscription above door Oh’ Annataig. Eleventh Intertitle “Order is maintained , however, by Provisional Government tanks patrolling the thoroughfares”. These are Free State government Rolls Royce Armoured Cars. Twelfth Intertitle Internal strife continues, but Erins contest with England is finally over - last British troops are replaced by IRA troops at Dublin Parliament”. This is the Bank of Ireland in the old Parliament Buildings, College Green . Dublin Guard march in with pipe March 1922 British Army march across river. We think this is Athlone bridge crossing over to West Meath. 13th Intertitle “Carrying the Treaty to the people -- tremendous ovation greets Michael Collins speaking in (sic) behalf of the Free State”. We think it is College Green 14th Intertitle. “Ireland’s fighting leader”. He is speaking on a very wet day. 15th Intertitle . Dublin, Ireland. Flames sweep through Dublin streets as rebels are driven from their last strongholds - - the burning Gresham Hotel involves a loss of $15,000,000”. Scenes of the top of O’Connell Street on Fire around the hotel. 16th Intertitle “ruined buildings on Sackville street are a reminder of war ravaged towns in France”. Hickeys shop, 23/24 Earl Street North and Hibernian Bank. 17th Intertitle. “Free State soldiers on the lookout for Republican snipers”. Shots of Marlborough Street. Shots of Cahill and Co outfitters shop. 17th Intertitle “What happened to the window from which Pathe News cameraman”took” some scenes a few minutes after his departure…”. Civilians walking around O’Connell Street looking at the destruction. June 1922 18th Intertitle Tearing down skeletons of wrecked buildings which were used as strongholds by the rebels”. 19th Intertitle Dublin Ireland. Aftermath of civil war in Dublin -- thousand of curious spectators throng the scenes of ruin and devastation left in the wake of recent armed clash”. 20th Intertitle “Belfast, Ireland. Situation in Ireland grows more tense every day - ruins resulting from war between revolutionists and British troops”. War of Independence 21st Intertitle “Effigies - dangling from windows are familiar sights in the streets of Belfast”. 22nd Intertitles “The government has reinforced its guard on all thoroughfares”. This is a street in Belfast. 23rd Intertitle “Dublin, Ireland. Pathe News presents first pictures of revolutionary clash in Ireland between Free State and Republican forces. no footage 24th Intertitle “General O’Connell, who was seized as hostage by the Republicans, forcing the Free State to take action”. Shot of general in uniform smiling at the camera. Ws thi taken before after he was captured. 25th Intertitle “Curious persons gather around the gates of the Four Courts Building where the rebels were barricaded…”. This is filmed prior to bombardment by Free State guns on 28 June 1922. The took the building on 13th June. 26th Intertitle. “Even miniature soldiers play rebels in front of the sandbag fortification at Four Courts”. Little boys march around with wooden rifles. 27th Intertitle. “Artillery in action on the Four Courts - - the stronghold of the republicans for 5 days till routed by the Provisional Government”. 18pdr field artillery guns firing from Merchants quay and Fr Mathew Bridge. 28th Intertitle “Crowds risk death from stray bullets to watch the “warfare”.”. 29th Intertitle “Armoured Cars with reinforcements ready to answer the Sinn Fein call..” Strange title. Armoured cars and trucks at City Hall, Dublin. 30th Intertitle “Cork, Ireland. Cork seized by terror as fire and bullets sweep town -- latest activities in Cork, where many die and $15,000,000 property is destroyed in reprisal raid”. No footag gos straight to another intertitle. Intertitle 31. “Soldiers drop smoke bombs to keep crowds from gathering in the streets”. Footage of Black and Tans (RIC Auxiliaries) in Dublin, in various parts of Dublin including Vico road. Intertitle 32 The City which was caught in the conflagration”. No footage Intertitle 33 Precautions are taken in London where the Houses of Parliament and other public buildings are under close guard.