Beau Guest

Travelogue, Irish Culture, Entertainment
Directed by:
O'Kennedy Brindly Ltd for BFE
Produced by:
Pearl & Dean Productions


2 mins 16 secs

This beautifully-animated short made in 1956 takes a humorous approach to the promotion of tourism in Ireland.

Next to agriculture, tourism was Ireland’s biggest industry and this short film shows its benefits for everyone in Ireland. Made for Bord Fáilte, the Irish tourist board, by Irish advertising agency O’Kennedy-Brindley and British cinema advertising company Pearl and Dean Productions, this quirky animation encourages Irish people to keep their locality tidy and to be welcoming and professional at all times.

An amusing scenario contrasts the violent reception given by the Celts to Viking invaders with the warm welcome we now give to visitors. Humour is also used to help visualise the positive impact tourism has on the economy as a whole. It’s not just those in the hospitality industry that benefit from tourism, but a host of other professionals; from bakers, to farmers, to factory workers. The message is that if everyone helps to provide a good experience in whatever area they are in, we will all benefit from those who “return for the hearts they left in Ireland”.

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With kind permission from Failte Ireland.