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The Lead up to Civil War

Dublin’s Civil War

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Released on July 10th 1922, this newsreel shows dramatic scenes at the Hibernian Insurance Company building on Sackville Street (O’Connell Street). Government forces attempt to burn out the rebels by firing their ‘first shell’ into a building as soldiers look on. The destroyed shell of a building has its windows blown out and as it […]

Dublin Coalition Campaign

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June 1922 and both pro and anti-Treaty members are addressing a crowd of people and handing out leaflets, on what appears to be Townsend Street, Dublin. They are encouraging the public to support and vote for a coalition government in the coming elections. Following the Battle of the Four Courts by anti-Treaty Republicans, Éamon de […]

Fighting Speech

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This now famous piece of footage, shows Michael Collins addressing the Anglo-Irish Treaty to a huge crowd gathered outside College Green, March 1922. Michael Collins described the Treaty as ‘the freedom to achieve freedom’. In practice, the Treaty offered most of the symbols and powers of independence. These included a functioning, if disputed, parliamentary democracy […]

The Great Cork Treaty

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This newsreel records Michael Collins addressing an audience gathered at the Grand Parade in Cork City. He praises the Anglo-Irish Treaty and receives an enthusiastic reception. It’s not too long before the crowd is seen surging backwards as several men begin to fire their guns in the crowd. Michael Collins described the Treaty as ‘the […]

For the Treaty

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Filmed in February 1922, this footage shows Seán Milroy addressing a large crowd of people in front of the Town Hall in Cootehill, Cavan. Milroy was an Irish Revolutionary and politician who actively took part in the 1916 Rising, served in the second Dáil during the War of Independence, and in the Senate of the […]

The Irreconcilable Mr. De Valera

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This footage, shot during March 1922, shows Éamon de Valera giving an animatedly irate speech to a large gathering of people on Sackville Street (O’Connell Street) in Dublin. In this speech he said that if the Treaty was accepted, it might be necessary to ‘wade through Irish blood’ to achieve Irish freedom. Many of de […]