Clare Sa Spéir

Short Film, Irish Language, Entertainment, Drama
Directed by:
Audrey O'Reilly
Produced by:
Edwina Forkin, Zanzibar Productions


20 mins
Irish with English subtitles

A neglected and overworked housewife reaches her record-breaking point. 

Attempting to break a world record, mother and wife Clare is determined to live in a tree for 32 days. In her absence, her reluctant husband is forced to take on the heavy burden of her domestic duties. Meanwhile, despite the obstacles of torrential rain, loneliness and missing Coronation Street, Clare ploughs gamely on. But as she proceeds towards her goal, the strains on her marriage are beginning to show.

This humorous film, written and directed by Audrey O’Reilly, explores traditional gender roles and demonstrates the value of an occasional shake-up.

This film is part of F-Rated: Short Films by Irish Women. To view more from the collection click here.

With kind permission of Edwina Forkin.

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