Join Me in the Pines – Feels So Heavy

Entertainment, The Roy Spence Collection
Directed by:
Roy Spence
Produced by:
David Geraghty


4 mins

Join Me in the Pines is the solo moniker for multi-instrumentalist and songwriter David Geraghty, also known to audiences as a founding member of Bell X1. Feels So Heavy is his latest single from the second album Monomania and is comprised of footage from Keep Watching the Skies (1975) filmed by Roy Spence. IFI was delighted to work with David on his response to the wealth of material filmed by the filmmaker and preserved in the archive.

Roy Spence is an award-winning amateur filmmaker. For the past 50 years, Spence has been making and screening a series of remarkable and sometimes eccentric films in his cinema in Comber, Co. Down. The films span many genres from sci-fi to horror to folk-life documentaries shot between 1965 and 1986. His collection of over 40 films (13 documentaries/non-fiction and 29 fiction feature films) is held and preserved in the IFI Irish Film Archive. To watch more of the Roy Spence Collection click here.


This video has been re-edited with kind permission from the writer and director of the original film "Keep Watching the Skies" (1975). Writer & Director: Roy Spence Re-edited by: David Geraghty Grading: Sophia Tamburrini Cast: Johnny: Ali McIlwain Sue: Jenny Lilley With: George Legge Craig Clements Thanks to: Brian Rutherford Paul Bennett R.P.S.I