You Remember Ellen

Irish Culture, History, Short Film,
Directed by:
Sidney Olcott
Produced by:
The Kalem Film Company of America


13 mins
Silent with English Intertitles

Adapted by Kalem scenarist Gene Gauntier from the Thomas Moore poem of the same title, You Remember Ellen is a romantic drama of love across the economic divide.

A humble, hard-working farmer’s daughter (Gauntier) lives a simple life until she happens upon a handsome young man on a country road. They fall in love, marry and live at first in her modest family home. However, when it is time to visit his homestead, she discovers her new husband isn’t quite the man she thought.

The film shares the picturesque surroundings of Killarney, Co. Kerry which were a significant part of the appeal to US emigrant audiences.

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