Requiem for Sally

Short Film, The Terence McDonald Collection
Directed by:
Terence McDonald
Produced by:
Terence McDonald


18 mins

A mother and father’s grief following the loss of their daughter in a road accident is mapped alongside the changing seasons in this contemplative short film written by John McCullagh and produced and directed by Terence McDonald.

Each parent narrates their thoughts and emotions over the course of a year from the time of the tragedy. As with several of McDonald’s films, the reflective voiceover from the parents is paired with soft images of landscapes and natureand memories of their young daughter playing on the beach. The seasons reflect their emotional journey, from the dark despair of winter to the promise of spring bringing new life and hope, echoing the concept of resurrection as the parents find solace in their faith. 

The requiem finishes with tender images of Sally as a young woman walking in the fields to the tune of Last Thing on my Mind, performed by folk singer Gemma Hasson. 

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