His Mother

Irish Culture, Entertainment, Short Film
Directed by:
Sidney Olcott
Produced by:
The Kalem Film Company of America


11 mins
Silent with Dutch Intertitles

A wealthy American tourist couple happen upon a talented violinist, Terence, and his mother in a small cottage in rural Ireland. Terence grasps the opportunity and, thanks to his mother’s meagre savings, leaves his peasant roots in Ireland for the bright lights of the New York stage. He thrives in New York society but, back in Ireland, his pining mother is encouraged by the local priest to join him. She finally arrives at a concert Terence is playing in Carnegie Hall. Like the earlier The Lad From Old Ireland, this film was also shot on two continents in rural and urban locations and aboard a transatlantic liner in between, adding visual variety and authenticity to the tale.

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