Roseleen Walsh – Mná an IRA

Loopline Collection, Documentary
Directed by:
Martina Durac
Produced by:
Martina Durac, Vanessa Gildea, Loopline Films


25 mins
English, Irish with English subtitles

Roseleen Walsh was born in 1950 into a Belfast, republican family and she joined Cumann na mBan as a young woman. Walsh was interned in Armagh Prison in 1973 for just over a year, where she was afforded certain ‘freedoms’ as internees had political status at that time. Here, her writing flourished and she covered her white cell walls with poetry. Even though it was forbidden to write on cell walls, her officers never painted over it and would often come in to read her work. Walsh was actively involved with Sinn Féin in the lead up to the Peace Process, which she fully supported. She lives with her family in Belfast and has written 35 plays, 33 of which have been produced.

This documentary series explores the involvement of women in active service with the IRA in modern times. It tells their personal stories and what impact their actions had on the conflict in the North of Ireland and on Southern politics. The series is part of The Loopline Collection Volume 2. To watch more of the collection click here.