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Dear Daughter – Trish McAdam Filmmaker Playlist

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Our second IFI Filmmaker Playlist is curated by filmmaker and visual artist Trish McAdam. Since the production of her early shorts in the 1980s, Trish has created a vibrant and varied body of work, embracing a range of forms and subjects and retaining a singular, independent voice. We’re delighted to welcome Trish to the Irish […]

The Making of Late Afternoon

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Writer and director Louise Bagnall takes us behind the scenes from conception to production of the Oscar Nominated animated short film Late Afternoon.   Inspired by her own two grandmothers and fuelled by a desire to explore the innermost thoughts of an older woman, Bagnall created Emily – an elderly woman suffering with dementia who relives the memories of her […]


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Fathom is a short documentary about the Fastnet Lighthouse, located on the most southerly point of Ireland off the coast of Cork. Weaving together a series of archival films, this documentary captures the majesty of the Fastnet Lighthouse, the intricacy of its construction and operation and the mighty power of the surrounding sea. Marrying vivid imagery with a spare and dialogue-free soundscape, this essayistic film considers solitude, meditation and the process of thinking, in […]

Circus Man

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Circus Man paints an inspiring portrait of Ireland’s longest-running family circus and the efforts of ringleader Tom Duffy to ensure its survival.  Directors Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh lift the curtains to show that behind the bright lights and laughs of the circus lies drama, family feuds and hardship. Despite being knocked down by life’s challenges, Tom Duffy has bounced back to survive discrimination, bare fist fights and colon cancer and is determined  to see his […]

If These Walls Could Talk

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IFTA-winning director Anna Rodgers highlights the plight of those who  suffered and died in Dublin’s old psychiatric institutions.   Opening with a quotation from Sebastian Barry’s novel The Secret Scripture, in which the main character is a resident in a Roscommon mental institution, the film takes us on a haunting tour of a vast and desolate  building, once an Irish asylum. The voices of former residents describe […]

Missing Green

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A solitary woman walks through the eerie night-time landscape of Dublin’s Cork Street, a street once quiet and residential, now a four-laned artery for city traffic.   Cork Street, as described by the narrators Councillor John Gallagher, architect Gerry Cahill, journalist Frank McDonald and sociologist Aileen O’Gorman, used to be a much better place to live than it is today.  Gone are the […]

The End of the Counter

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A humorous investigation into the supermarket revolution of the 1960s that saw counter service replaced by self-service market chains in Ireland.   Supermarkets are a topic close to director Laura McGann’s heart – her grandfather, Mattie Melia, introduced and established one of the first supermarkets in rural Ireland. When franchises began to swallow up small corner shops in England, Irish shopkeepers saw that they […]


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Empty houses are explored by a roving camera, the stories of their current and former inhabitants are told in intimate voiceover. Aoife Kelleher’s poetic short documentary explores how lives are shaped by the homes in which we lived. Early living spaces can define how we are perceived by others and how we feel about ourselves. A […]

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

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A wry tale of how one women’s sensuality is confined by a garden fence.  A woman breaks free of her monotonous daily routine tending to her husband by escaping into her garden; its sensual pleasures evident in her minutely-observed expressions of delight. The garden’s sights and sounds offer welcome distraction as do the attentions of her neighbour.   This winsome, dialogue-free film celebrates the often-overlooked sensuality […]

Fall Into Half-Angel

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A documentary exploring the romantic and artistic relationship between two trapeze artists.  Trapeze artists Ken Fanning and Tina Segner perform a series of breath-taking feats in the air as they reflect on their relationship and the profound physical and emotional trust that their partnership demands.    This is not your traditional love story: boy meets girl; they fall in […]