Páistí ag Obair

Short Film, Documentary, The Oscar® Collection, Children on Film
Directed by:
Louis Marcus
Produced by:
Gael Linn


10 mins
Irish with English subtitles

Louis Marcus’s observational documentary Páistí ag Obair (Children at Work) watches children learning through play in Irish Montessori schools in the 1970s.

A voiceover, in both Irish and English, explains the Montessori method which celebrates the importance of play in developing children’s potential. Children are seen in classrooms playing with Montessori materials which promote reasoning and judgement. These charming sequences are accompanied by jaunty jazz music from French flautist Raymond Guiot.

The three schools featured in Páistí ag Obair are Tigh na nÓg, Blessington; St Kieran’s School, Bray; and The Children’s House, Stilllorgan.

Páistí ag Obair is part of The Oscar® Collection: A Selection of Irish Academy Award® Nominated Short Films, along with another of Marcus’s documentaries Conquest of Light. It was nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short in 1973. To view more from The Oscar® Collection, click here. This film is also part of Children on Film. To see more from the collection, click here.

IFI recommendation: 6+