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Páistí ag Obair

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Louis Marcus’s observational documentary Páistí ag Obair (Children at Work) watches children learning through play in Irish Montessori schools in the 1970s. A voiceover, in both Irish and English, explains the Montessori method which celebrates the importance of play in developing children’s potential. Children are seen in classrooms playing with Montessori materials which promote reasoning […]

Cot, Coracle and Currach – Hidden Treasures

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Hidden Treasures is a four-part documentary series examining the history of Irish folklife. The series combines restored 16mm field recordings (produced by the National Museum of Ireland from the 1950s to the 1970s) with contemporary recordings of traditional rural crafts and rituals. These images emphasise the self-sufficiency of rural householders and craft specialists, as they […]

Rose Dugdale – Mná an IRA

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Rose Dugdale has led an extraordinary life and her unexpected involvement in the IRA and subsequent imprisonment became headline news all around the world in the 1970s. In this programme she tells the story of how and why she went from being a member of an aristocratic English family to becoming involved in the republican […]

Ár Dover Féin

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In 1937, ten young men between the ages of 13 and 23 migrated from Achill Island, Co. Mayo to Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow in Scotland to work in the potato fields. Tragically, on the night of their arrival, a fire swept through their makeshift accommodation claiming all of their young lives. This documentary investigates the Kirkintillock […]


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This powerful documentary in Irish examines the history and legacy of the hunger strike by Irish Republicans in the Maze prison in 1981. In this documentary directed by Margo Harkin, the people centrally involved – both inside and outside the H Blocks of Long Kesh prison – reveal the inside story of an event that […]

Irish College Ranafast

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Father Joe Dunn introduces Ranafast, the Gaeltacht area in the Rosses region of Donegal, telling us: “We hear a lot about the vanishing Irish, the flight from the land, and the depopulation of the Gaeltacht. But the little village has not suffered any depopulation, particularly during the summer months when the famous Irish college is […]

Colman Doyle: Ábhar Machnaimh

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This feature length documentary profiles veteran Irish photographer, Colman Doyle, who has documented almost every major historical event in Ireland over a 50 year period. Directed by James Kelly, it explores Doyle’s vast archive of photographs covering the political, social and economic history of Ireland – both North and South – through the second half […]