The Master

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This film presents the national school teacher in rural Ireland as a person who commanded respect and whose influence extended beyond the classroom. Liam O’Connell (former teacher) and his son Morgan (also a national school teacher), speak of their time teaching in a small mixed school in Cloghan Hill on the Mayo-Galway border.  They discuss […]

Irish Boy, Story of Sean

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A documentary film about a typical Irish boy and the everyday details of his life.  Irish Boy, Story of Sean is one of a series of films made to introduce younger viewers to their counterparts in other lands.  Sean is a typical Irish country boy and the details of his day-to-day school and sporting life […]

Water Wisdom

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A dramatised film made to encourage small farming communities to come together and introduce piped water into their homes. 10-year-old Jim’s (Art Ó Laoghaire) most important daily task is bringing buckets of water from the well to his family’s farmhouse – a chore made more difficult by the interference of his two little sisters.  At […]

Páistí ag Obair

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Louis Marcus’s observational documentary Páistí ag Obair (Children at Work) watches children learning through play in Irish Montessori schools in the 1970s. A voiceover, in both Irish and English, explains the Montessori method which celebrates the importance of play in developing children’s potential. Children are seen in classrooms playing with Montessori materials which promote reasoning […]

Blackwater Holiday

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Fresh from their collaboration on the Royal Showband film The One Nighters (1963), Bob Monks and Peter Collinson (The Italian Job) came together to make this modest little film promoting canoe-camping holidays run by the Murphy family of Rathcoole in Co. Cork on the Blackwater River. Blackwater Holiday was made in the summer of 1964 […]

The Village With the Most Vocations

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The film explores the unusually high number of vocations emanating from the parish of Doon, Co. Limerick. In 1962, when the documentary was made, there were 117 living nuns who were born in Doon. Through a series of interviews with the parish priest, nuns and the children from the local convent school, the Radharc team […]

Irish College Ranafast

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Father Joe Dunn introduces Ranafast, the Gaeltacht area in the Rosses region of Donegal, telling us: “We hear a lot about the vanishing Irish, the flight from the land, and the depopulation of the Gaeltacht. But the little village has not suffered any depopulation, particularly during the summer months when the famous Irish college is […]