Irish Boy, Story of Sean

Children on Film, Documentary, Irish Culture
Directed by:
Kieran Hickey
Produced by:
BAC Films Ltd


15 mins

A documentary film about a typical Irish boy and the everyday details of his life. 

Irish Boy, Story of Sean is one of a series of films made to introduce younger viewers to their counterparts in other lands.  Sean is a typical Irish country boy and the details of his day-to-day school and sporting life are played out here.

Sean O’Connor is a 12-year-old who lives on a dairy farm in the southwest of Ireland. He attends a national school where he studies history, geography, Gaelic, English and maths. On Sundays he goes to mass and then to a hurling match with his brother, Kevin. On a holiday in Dublin, Kevin tells Sean he is leaving the farm to work in a factory in Dublin. Sean misses his brother terribly until his father secures a job for Kevin with an American computer parts plant in the nearby Shannon Industrial Estate. 

Like other directors at this time, Kieran Hickey was commissioned to make informational films for educational and corporate use – providing income which helped finance his more creative independent dramas. 

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IFI recommendation: 8+