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New CoF titles

Our Neighbours’ Children

Irene Falvey
This film sponsored by Lever Brothers was made to raise funds for Baldoyle Hospital Building Committee.   The film focuses on lives of children with a range of physical disabilities who are resident in Baldoyle Children’s Hospital. Children are seen in the classroom, playground and occupational therapy room working with nurses and with nuns of the […]

Thirty-Five Aside

Irene Falvey
A dark comedy about the difficulty of fitting in in a new school. Here is the amusing tale of the trials and tribulations of bespectacled schoolboy Philip Maguire (James Mahon), who struggles to settle into his new school. Harassed by rowdy classmates, never picked for football and without any friends, poor Philip stumbles from one […]

An Rinceoir

Irene Falvey
A short film about a beautiful dance and a dancer of unexpected origins. At an Irish Feis, a talented young dancer (Vitalija Bondareva) waits nervously in the wings before taking to the stage and performing a perfectly executed Irish dance. The Irish-speaking MC is surprised when she corrects his pronunciation of her name and tells […]

Boy Wanted

Irene Falvey
Two boys wander aimlessly through the streets of Dublin (heading down South King Street towards the old Mercer’s Hospital) when they see a sign outside Traynor’s Grocers shop saying, ‘Boy Wanted’.  The bigger boy barges in and gets the job as a bicycle messenger. He heads off with a box of groceries to the leafy […]

The Master

IFI Archive Player
This film presents the national school teacher in rural Ireland as a person who commanded respect and whose influence extended beyond the classroom. Liam O’Connell (former teacher) and his son Morgan (also a national school teacher), speak of their time teaching in a small mixed school in Cloghan Hill on the Mayo-Galway border.  They discuss […]

The Breakfast

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A young boy plans his revenge when he is unfairly punished for an innocent mishap. Curly Mulligan (Gavin Dowdall) is a pupil at a Christian Brothers boarding school, where he is on kitchen duty every morning. It is his job to bring a full fried breakfast to headmaster Brother Ledwidge (Frank McDonald). As his own […]

Irish Boy, Story of Sean

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A documentary film about a typical Irish boy and the everyday details of his life.  Irish Boy, Story of Sean is one of a series of films made to introduce younger viewers to their counterparts in other lands.  Sean is a typical Irish country boy and the details of his day-to-day school and sporting life […]

Water Wisdom

IFI Archive Player
A dramatised film made to encourage small farming communities to come together and introduce piped water into their homes. 10-year-old Jim’s (Art Ó Laoghaire) most important daily task is bringing buckets of water from the well to his family’s farmhouse – a chore made more difficult by the interference of his two little sisters.  At […]