The Breakfast

Children on Film, Drama, Short Film
Directed by:
Peter Sheridan
Produced by:
Pat Moylan, Irish Stage And Screen


18 mins

A young boy plans his revenge when he is unfairly punished for an innocent mishap.

Curly Mulligan (Gavin Dowdall) is a pupil at a Christian Brothers boarding school, where he is on kitchen duty every morning. It is his job to bring a full fried breakfast to headmaster Brother Ledwidge (Frank McDonald). As his own breakfast consists of a plain bowl of porridge, he drools longingly over the sausages and rashers as he carries them down the corridors. When Brother Ledwidge finds a hair in his breakfast one morning, all hell breaks loose.  

Set in the not-too-distant past this is a quirky little drama about a resilient young man surviving in a strict church-run institution. 

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IFI recommendation: 10+