The Breakfast

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A young boy plans his revenge when he is unfairly punished for an innocent mishap. Curly Mulligan (Gavin Dowdall) is a pupil at a Christian Brothers boarding school, where he is on kitchen duty every morning. It is his job to bring a full fried breakfast to headmaster Brother Ledwidge (Frank McDonald). As his own […]

The Case of Majella McGinty

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A children’s game of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ transforms into a reality through the vivid imagination of little Majella McGinty. Life becomes too stressful for 8-year-old Majella and taking refuge she hides in a suitcase in her parents’ bedroom. She overhears their conversation, and her TV-addled imagination runs away with her when she believes her father has been murdered […]

Not a Bad Christmas

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A young boy teeters on the brink of innocence as Santa chokes on a Christmas snack, expires, and is buried in the garden pond. This deadpan Cork-set comedy, directed by renowned playwright and screenwriter Enda Walsh (Disco Pigs, Hunger), sees an early exploration of the kind of domestic dysfunction that appears in his later works […]

Dream Kitchen

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A young man arrives home to find his Dad repairing the car and his Mum busy cooking, as usual. In these depressingly dreary surroundings the son imagines a luxurious dream kitchen, in which he plucks up the courage to tell his astonished parents the good news: “I’m gay”. But, all too soon, his fairy-tale comes […]


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The Oral Irish, a compulsory language exam dreaded by secondary school students, is the subject of this short directed by Paul Mercier. In a Dublin school, an examiner (Sean McGinley) meets a variety of students to test their proficiency in the Irish language. He encounters low levels of fluency but impressive levels of bravado as […]