Rebirth of a Nation

The Irish Independence Film Collection
Directed by:
Topical Film Company
Produced by:
Topical Film Company


55 sec
Silent with English Intertitles

This newsreel shows British troops unpacking lorries at the docks (possibly Dublin Port) and leaving Ireland, following the Anglo-Irish War. The interesting aspect of this footage is that it shows that British troops did not all leave immediately after the signing of The Treaty. Here they are departing in the middle of the Civil War in December 1922.

Tim Healy, Veteran Irish Patriot, can be seen towards the end of the newsreel. Tim Healy was an Irish nationalist politician, journalist, author, barrister and one of the most controversial Irish Members of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom and Ireland. His political career began in the 1880s under Charles Stewart Parnell’s leadership of the Irish Parliamentary Party. It continued into the 1920s when he was the first Governor-General of the Irish Free State.

● Credits Camera Operator: Frank 'Taxi' Purnell