Zwischen uns sei Wahrheit

Short Film, The Terence McDonald Collection
Directed by:
Donence MacTerald (aka Terence McDonald)
Produced by:
Donence MacTerald (aka Terence McDonald)


7 mins

This wry, enigmatic horror film opens audaciously with the Twentieth Century Fox logo. A private viewing of a classic scary movie inspires the viewer to recall a wordless story of five men who meet under mysterious circumstances and receive secret notes. The brassy score builds the suspense as the men meet and square off in a graveyard.

The Goethe quote ‘Zwischen uns sei Wahrheit’ translates to ‘Let there be truth between us,’ an interesting phrase in a film that seems to blend fantasy and reality, a tool Terence McDonald also wields in Nebelung and Twilight Belle.

This film was made with the members of an amateur film club in Derry, many of whom appear in the short film [Film Club Antics]. The film’s credit note Film Realizion – Eric Von Peak (aka Eric Peak).

This film is part of The Terence McDonald Collection. To watch more of the collection click here.