Autumn Fashions on Parade – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 171

Newsreel, Irish Culture, Entertainment, History, Irish Language
Directed by:
Gael Linn
Produced by:
Gael Linn


1 min
Irish with English subtitles

Dublin, November 1962; The House of Cassidy’s on South George’s Street was abuzz with excitement as the Autumn Season fashion show commenced.

With 123 outfits to be seen on stage, the Cassidy’s regulars were spoilt for choice, from luxurious warm winter coats to snazzy red cocktail dresses. The announcer of the nightwear segment notes how perhaps ‘you’d need extra heat beside the bedcover’ for these particular items.  The dance dresses, however, were the highlight of the night with many an envious glance from the crowd. Cassidy’s was one of Dublin’s most popular department stores from the 1940’s but has since closed down.

Produced by Gael Linn, Amharc Éireann (A View of Ireland) is Ireland’s longest-running indigenous newsreel series. It was distributed to cinemas throughout the country to  promote the Irish language. Between 1956 and 1964, 267 editions of the newsreel were produced for cinema exhibition.

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With kind permission of Gael Linn.