For Ireland’s Sake

Irish Culture, History,
Directed by:
Sidney Olcott
Produced by:
The Kalem Film Company of America


39 mins
Silent with English Intertitles

For Ireland’s Sake tells the story of Marty O’Sullivan (Jack Clark), a young blacksmith who forges pikes which are used as weapons against English soldiers. Spotted by British Soldiers, Marty flees and manages to evade capture thanks to the quick thinking of his sweetheart Eileen (Gene Gauntier). She cunningly hides Marty in her voluminous cloak and sends the soldiers searching in the opposite direction. Eileen continues to aid Marty throughout his quest, during which he finds himself in a series of dangerous predicaments – hiding up a chimney, swimming across a lake, hiding out in a cave, and escaping prison with the help of a file and a well-intentioned priest.

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