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The Attack of the Saucer People

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Roger, a ciné enthusiast, enlists the support of fellow ciné-club members in the making of an amateur, sci-fi film. After inadvertently filming an actual alien spaceship, his group thinks he has upped his special effects budget and suspect nothing’s amiss. It won’t be long before Roger is paid another visit by the little green men, […]


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Considered to be one of the most ambitious films made by the Spence Brothers, this stone-age alien extravaganza has everything a true sci-fi fan needs in spades. The mission is simple: aliens must capture and record living specimens from earth. However a violent earthquake forces the ship to take off whilst a giant robot, used […]

Brady’s Bargain

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Brady has spent his life trying to outsmart the leprechauns and his big chance comes when he manages to capture one. Keeping the little man a prisoner, he starves the leprechaun until he reveals the secret of his wealth. Armed with this knowledge, Brady sets off across the moor to make himself a very rich […]

The Magic Man

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Winner of the World Amateur Film of the Year, The Magic Man stars Rowel Friers (Artist and Political Cartoonist) as Mesmero, a magician who tours with his wife around remote villages with their magic and mind-reading act. When three local thugs convince themselves that the magic man will reveal their crimes to the police, they […]

The Tryzzian Exiles

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Three alien criminals from the planet Tryzzia are exiled to a distant planet for their heinous crimes. The planet is Earth! Who will stand against these evil extra-terrestrials and thwart their killing spree, or are we all doomed? Roy Spence is an award-winning amateur filmmaker. For the past 50 years, Spence has been making and […]

Keep Watching the Skies

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Inspired by the American Horror films from the late 1950s, in a remote American lake a fisherman dislodges a canister which has been jettisoned from a flying saucer. A teenager and his girlfriend manage to convince the police of the existence of an all-consuming creature that has emerged from the canister, but it’s not long […]

The Drumlin

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All is not what it seems when two children encounter a giant robot while playing on the beach. A series of truly bizarre events ensue, from vanishing children, flying saucers, to nuclear power plants. The Drumlins are out there. Roy Spence is an award-winning amateur filmmaker. For the past 50 years, Spence has been making […]

The Tomb of Frankenstein

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Shot on location in Comber and Clandeboye Estate in Bangor, this Roy Spence classic is an homage to the classic Frankenstein story. A strange old hermit employs witchcraft to give life to the dead Frankenstein’s monster and uses the creature to take vengeance on those who wronged him previously. But will the creature stay loyal […]

The Testament of Caleb Meeke

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Julien Meeke is left an old mansion in his uncle’s will, but soon realises that what he inherited is something much more sinister. Mysterious witchcraft rituals and visions of demons, darkness and death make this one of Spence’s more devilish depictions of the occult. Roy Spence is an award-winning amateur filmmaker. For the past 50 […]

The Coming of the Black Dawn

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A young man travels to his uncle’s lonely castle to give him a rare tractate. His uncle enlists his help in summoning up the ancient demon Cthulu, using secret rites of Black Magic which involve grave-robbing and murder. As the demon is summoned, the young man fears the worst and is forced to make a […]

Belleek, An Enduring Heritage

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This award-winning documentary on Belleek pottery was made jointly by filmmakers Roy Spence and J.J Tohill. Narrated by RTÉ newsreader Cyril Smith, this stunning documentary highlights the talent and craftsmanship that goes into each and every single piece of fine china and the generations of skilled artisans who create these works of art. Roy Spence […]

The Blacksmith

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In this Roy Spence film, created for the Ulster Folk Museum, Joe O’Neill shows a range of blacksmithing skills and techniques using tools and methods that have not changed in centuries. These include heat welding, scarfing, scrolling, curling and bending. All completed in a traditional simple forge. The original version of the film included an […]