The City of Londonderry

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Where McDonald and Hume’s Two Hours From London is aimed at encouraging tourism to the region, The City of Londonderry promotes the Derry of the late 1960s as a centre of industrial development and economic potential. The city’s origins, surroundings, transport links, population demographics, technical education and leisure facilities are set out as important reasons for the expansion […]

The GAA Collection

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View The GAA Collection The National Film Institute (NFI), now called the Irish Film Institute, was officially incorporated on June 2, 1945 under the patronage of the influential and controversial Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid. One of McQuaid’s goals was to combat what Pope Pius XI described as ‘the school of corruption’ in the […]

An Introduction to Imprint: Writer in Profile

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Imprint, a literature review programme, and its sister show Imprint: Writer in Profile screened on RTÉ1 for three seasons. Both were presented by Irish poet, writer and lecturer Theo Dorgan. Over the course of the Writer in Profile series Dorgan conducted extended, in-depth interviews with a wide range of Irish and international writers including Colm […]

An Introduction to A Good Age

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A Good Age is a six-part television series, directed by Sé Merry Doyle, tackling head-on the myths and misconceptions that result in ageism. A forthright approach was taken throughout as the joys and realities of getting older are examined.

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An introduction to The Irish Independence Film Collection by Ciara Chambers followed by a playlist of curated newsreels with individual introductions and commentaries.