Fall Into Half-Angel

Short Film, Documentary, F-Rated
Directed by:
Róisín Loughrey
Produced by:
Róisín Loughrey


7 mins

A documentary exploring the romantic and artistic relationship between two trapeze artists. 

Trapeze artists Ken Fanning and Tina Segner perform a series of breath-taking feats in the air as they reflect on their relationship and the profound physical and emotional trust that their partnership demands.   

This is not your traditional love story: boy meets girl; they fall in love with each other and with the trapeze; girl meets somebody else; trust is undermined. Following the break-up and an accidental fall, trust and emotions are tested. But the pair continue working closely together perfecting their act.  

Róisín Loughrey’s DLCAD graduate film delicately interweaves the frank reflections of the artists with Kate McCullough’s black and white cinematography (see more of McCullough’s work in Home).

Fall into Half Angel won many awards and was screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

This film is part of F-Rated: Short Films by Irish Women. To view more from the collection click here.

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