Irish Culture, History, Entertainment
Directed by:
Kieran Hickey
Produced by:
BAC Films


9 mins

Made by renowned and prolific director of dramas and documentaries, Kieran Hickey, this film shows members of the Half Moon Swimming Club braving the grim winter seas at Dublin’s South Wall in the winter of 1964/65.

This was Hickey’s first film and provides the viewer an opportunity to eavesdrop on a moment in time. It captures a rare honesty and authenticity thanks to Hickey’s location recording of the unscripted conversation between the swimmers. The film follows one club member on his bicycle journey through the Dublin Docklands, Ringsend and Irishtown and along the South Wall to the Half Moon Club which is located mid-way down the pier. He joins fellow club-members for a winter swim, and later they participate in the chilly, annual Christmas Day race.

The Half Moon Swim club was founded in 1898 and continues to uphold a long-standing winter sea swimming tradition on the Great South Wall to the present day.

With kind permission from Barry Lyons.