Moving Crib Tells Christmas Story – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 187

Newsreel, Irish Culture, Entertainment, History, Irish Language
Directed by:
Gael Linn
Produced by:
Gael Linn


1 min
Irish with English subtitles

A popular Dublin Christmas tradition was a visit to The Moving Crib in Parnell Square. A nativity scene was created using over 100 mechanical handcrafted figures set against a delicately hand-painted backdrop.

The Moving Crib (based at St Martin Apostolate, 30 Parnell Square) opened in 1956. Visitors can enjoy a colourful array of bible scenes from Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark to the Christmas nativity scene. In 1977 St Martin Apostolate relocated to 42 Parnell Street where the festive event is still a popular attraction.

Produced by Gael Linn, Amharc Éireann (A View of Ireland) is Ireland’s longest-running indigenous newsreel series. It was distributed to cinemas throughout the country to  promote the Irish language. The first 36 issues were produced as single-topic films which were released monthly, followed in 1959 by weekly, multi-story newsreels featuring a broad range of topics, from hard news stories to lighter magazine-style items. Between 1956 and 1964, 267 editions of the newsreel were produced for cinema exhibition.

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With kind permission of Gael Linn.