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Our Neighbours’ Children

Irene Falvey
This film sponsored by Lever Brothers was made to raise funds for Baldoyle Hospital Building Committee.   The film focuses on lives of children with a range of physical disabilities who are resident in Baldoyle Children’s Hospital. Children are seen in the classroom, playground and occupational therapy room working with nurses and with nuns of the […]

Water Wisdom

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A dramatised film made to encourage small farming communities to come together and introduce piped water into their homes. 10-year-old Jim’s (Art Ó Laoghaire) most important daily task is bringing buckets of water from the well to his family’s farmhouse – a chore made more difficult by the interference of his two little sisters.  At […]

Stop Thief (Coisc an Gadaí)

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One of a series of dramatised public information films commissioned by the Department of Health and directed here by actor/playwright Gerard Healy. A young Dublin girl becomes gravely ill with diphtheria and her parents are filled with remorse for their failure to immunise her. The aim of this film, commissioned by the Department of Health, […]