Two Hours From London

Travelogue, Short Film, The Terence McDonald Collection
Directed by:
Terence McDonald
Produced by:
Terence McDonald and John Hume


23 mins

Producers Terence McDonald and John Hume highlight the sights and sounds of Derry in this picturesque travelogue, aimed specifically at air travellers flying from London.

Starting in the city, the camera takes in the Georgian architecture and famous city walls, still standing after three sieges. Rural tranquillity can be found a stone’s throw away and visitors may enjoy the pleasures of the seaside and a spot of sea fishing. The diverse local cultural heritage is illustrated with extended scenes of traditional Irish music and dance and a Loyalist musical parade. Foreign visitors speaking to camera recommend Derry to the viewers, praising the beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Made by the Derry Economic Standing Committee, with funding from Derry Corporation and Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners, among others, who would support another McDonald and Hume’s project from the same year – The City of Londonderry.

This film is part of The Terence McDonald Collection. To watch more of the collection click here.