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Joyriders captures the powerful impact of grief on a young girl’s imagination.   In Dublin’s industrial wastelands, pre-teen Kylie drives around in a stolen car with a young companion who she has conjured from her troubled imagination.  At home her younger brother loses himself in video games. Her grieving mother is distant and unaware of Kylie’s illegal escapades until a young Guard finds […]

Killing the Afternoon

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Margaret Corkery’s debut film presents a series of vignettes of sunseekers whiling away the afternoon on a rocky Cork beach.  Four young women arrive for an afternoon’s sunbathing on the beach, their movements perfectly synchronise as they rotate on their towels; a little girl potters about with a bucket under the casual supervision of her mother and a group of hardy […]

Marion agus an Banphrionsa

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A heart-warming tale of a young girl’s encounter with Princess Grace of Monaco on her visit to Ireland in 1961. Marion agus an Banphrionsa shows that for a lucky few, dreams can come true. Courageous Marion steps in front of Princess Grace’s car as it drives through her village. She presents her with a bunch of roses, and the […]

New Boy

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Most children have enough to be worried about on their first day at school, but young African boy Joseph is different from all the other pupils. His arrival attracts the unwanted attention of teacher’s pet Hazel and kings of the playground Christian and Seth. Adapted from a Roddy Doyle short story, New Boy brings the […]


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Pluck is director Neasa Hardiman and writer Emma Donoghue’s humorous take on how one little hair can create big problems in a marriage.  When Liz’s husband Joe spots a hair growing out of her chin, he is repulsed. He becomes increasingly tormented by hair while reading to his daughter, cleaning the bathroom and watching the adverts on TV. When his […]


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‘God is everywhere, Rúbaí. Everyone knows that.’ – Despite her teacher’s declaration, eight-year-old Rúbaí challenges the existence of God in the days before her Holy Communion.   When Rúbaí continues to challenge her teacher and announces to the visiting priest  that she is an atheist, she provokes their frustration and leaves them speechless when she cites Charles Darwin as ‘a fella who makes sense’.  Enigmatic scenes of […]


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‘Who needs a pregnant waitress?’ is just one of the questions that fills Ellie Connolly’s mind when she discovers she is pregnant in 1980s Ireland. Statistic was made by film student Alison Kelly in 1983, the year which saw the passing of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution Act (which effectively criminalised abortion in  most circumstances).  Ellie (Edel McCrann) is pregnant […]

Take Me Swimming

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‘The day I don’t know who you are, promise to take me swimming’ – a melancholic promise between a husband and wife as her Alzheimer’s disease progresses.  When Thady (Barry Ward) returns to his parents’ home for a neighbour’s wake, he is shocked by his mother’s decline (Olwen Fouéré, also seen in The Wake). Gone […]

The Case of Majella McGinty

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A children’s game of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ transforms into a reality through the vivid imagination of little Majella McGinty. Life becomes too stressful for 8-year-old Majella and taking refuge she hides in a suitcase in her parents’ bedroom. She overhears their conversation, and her TV-addled imagination runs away with her when she believes her father has been murdered […]

The Wake

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A woman’s reflection on her life is expressed through poetic voiceover and dance. In a light-filled period mansion, a woman (Olwen Fouéré) reflects on her life, her sexuality and moments of great joy and sadness – her memories are articulated by a troupe of women of various ages through the eloquent language of dance. When […]

The White Dress

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An enigmatic tale of a young girl determined to participate in the ritual of First Holy Communion, even if she has to go it alone. A young girl wakes up in a grim flat, washes herself and dons a white dress, shoes and handbag.  She completes her outfit with white ribbons stolen from a shop as she makes […]

Fruit 15

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Twenty-three-year-old Una (Gabrielle Reidy) is pregnant – perhaps by immaculate conception? This independent young woman zips about on her motorbike, cheerfully visiting her mammy and younger siblings in the country before returning to her busy social life in Dublin, preoccupied with her pregnancy and determined to find a father for her unborn child. She and […]