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Christmas Crackers

Christmas is a time for nostalgia and reminiscence about years gone by. This delightfully varied collection will trigger all sorts of memories of Christmases past.

Once again this collection of films from the IFI Irish Film Archive is a gift from us to all those who are home and those who are thinking of home. We hope it makes you feel a little closer to the people and places you yearn for.

With thanks to the filmmakers who so generously agreed to be part of the collection. This programme is kindly supported by Culture Ireland.

Short Dramas

These short Christmas-themed dramas showcase the early work of filmmakers Cathy Brady, Geraldine Creed and Orla Walsh and include surprising endeavours from screenwriter and playwright Enda Walsh, journalist Hugh Linehan and commercials producer Tiernan MacBride. Their films may subvert the standard Christmas tropes but provide a refreshing alternative to more traditional fare.


1960s adverts boldly promote booze and cigarettes as ideal gifts for friends and family, as well as essential food for the Christmas table.

Factual Films

Gael Linn’s cinema newsreel (1959 – ’64) capture the magic of the city streets lighting up, the simplicity of The Moving Crib and the charm of Moore Street traders with their wind-up toys, while Kieran Hickey’s Moonmen celebrates the hardy swimmers of the Half Moon Swimming Club as they brave the elements on Christmas Day 1965.