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The IFI Archive Player has a wealth of moving image content that you can access at home in lots of different ways to help and support your learning, using digital media literacy. DML is an element of most school subjects across primary and secondary school; as well as being able to understand traditional written texts, you have the chance to read and learn with digital texts too. Reading digital texts, you rely on visual language and also, sound, edits, mise en scène and so on. All of these elements help you to understand how the particular text communicates meaning.

How to use the IFI Archive Player to enhance your learning: Follow the subject tabs below or browse the collections from the main page, using topic tags such as social history, Dublin, 1916, tourism and so on. See the tips on our latest Education ezine. If you’d like any more ideas for using the player for your home study, or teaching ideas for your students, please get in touch.

Some ideas to get you started:

    • LC History Project
    • Research a topic using some of the original footage available. Make connections using theme/personality/filmmaker and curate your own collection, offering support material to justify your choices. See Education for more information.